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About Donald L Koch

Donald L. Koch has given more than 74 economic talks across the country, published 13 book reviews, and worked as an Associate Editor of Business Economics, a publication of the National Association for Business Economics. He has also contributed regularly to The Banker. As a career economist and financial manager, Donald L. Koch has had more than 30 peer-reviewed articles published in media, such as The Banker, Business Economics, and Economic Review. Mr. Koch has co-authored five books with the support of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Mr. Koch leveraged his knowledge and experience to become a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, teaching graduate courses in finance and commercial bank management. Mr. Koch also taught graduate and undergraduate classes in money and banking, as well as macroeconomics, at Jacksonville University and the University of Northern Florida.

Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Koch Asset Management, LLC, Donald L. Koch previously worked as a Senior Vice President and Director of Investments, as well as Investment Policy Committee Chairman for The Robinson-Humphrey Company. He also contributed as a Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Donald L. Koch started his career as Chief Economist and Executive Officer at Barnett Banks, Inc., of Florida, where he participated as a member of the Policy Committee, the International Loan Committee, the Governor’s Economic Advisory Council, and the Governor’s Energy Advisory Committee.

Donald L. Koch advised Governor Reubin Askew and Governor Daniel Robert Graham. He acted as the President of the Jacksonville, Florida, chapter of the National Association for Business Economics and currently participates as a member of the CFA Society of St. Louis, the CFA Society of Jacksonville, and the Eliot Society of Washington University of Missouri.


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